Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

My sweet friend Suzanne over at SouthernInspiration just gave me a blog award! My heart is grinning from ear to ear already. I'm going to let you in on 10 of my favorite blogs. Have fun checking them out. You just might find a new friend or two :-)

Cindy from DominionFamily (homeschool mom, grandma, thinker)
Chris from Finnegan Follies (loves her family, her garden, and the Lord)
Leah from Nourishing Body And Soul (writing teacher, traveler, and chef)
Lorri from ChocoJavaEuroMom (her name says it all!)
Cindy from Wrasselings (writing teacher, mentor, friend)
Mary from Teacher Person (another mom to 5, I get the best book suggestions from her!)
Holly from Holly Mathis Interiors (Nope, don't think we're related. Awesome designer)
Joan from RetroNuevo Ramblings (Cool. Joan is a cool mom. She's written a book for teens.)
Eleanor R. at AggieSoonerMom (Keeps me current on world events, economics, and cracks me up.)
Lisa at Homesick Texan (Don't know her personally, but her recipes are Texas-terrific!)

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Good to Be Back Home Again!

So here I am in that never-never-land of "haven't posted in a while and now I can't remember what it was I wanted to say." I enjoyed my quick retreat with my fellow CIRCE apprentices in beautiful Concord, NC. Located outside of Charlotte, Concord has one of those beautiful, charming, downtown areas full of flowers, old buildings, and cobblestone sidewalks. And chocolate. How could I forget the chocolate? The highlight of the Saturday afternoon break was a visit to the Chocolatier. Yum!

CIRCE stands for Center for Integrated Research in Classical Education. In addition to teacher training, annual conferences, and curriculum, CIRCE has an apprentice program to equip teachers. What a privilege to be part of this group. Last August I think we all felt like we had been thrown into the deep end together, but by now we've become not just "colleagues" but friends.

Yesterday, Kelsey celebrated her 15th birthday and as a special surprise I asked one of my favorite bloggers if she would feature Kelsey's cake. Don't let the name fool you, "Cake Wrecks" is hilarious, but every Sunday you can see the opposite of a wreck. And yesterday that was Kelsey!