Saturday, June 19, 2010

Almost Finished!

Today we’ve been hanging curtains all over the downstairs. Ok, maybe “we'” isn’t exactly correct. Steve didn’t want to spend his Father’s Day on the honey-do list, so that drill has been whirring like those horns you hear at the World Cup games.
Almost ready to post some pictures!
Oh, all right…here’s a sneak preview:
See the paint cans on the floor? Painting is done! See the white trimmed entrance into what is now our dining room? We joke that we are the only people we know who remodel and put walls in instead of taking them out. See the piano in our entryway? Yes you heard me right, entryway. Why not be a little bit off-center I say? (Especially when there is not another blessed place to put this piano!) Believe it or not, my youngest is just  as happy to play it in the foyer as anywhere else.
That sweet little bundle in the picture is not my piano playing youngest, by the way, but isn’t he cute?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Decorating Dilemmas: It’s Curtains

“We don’t have a panel of judges, we have judges of panels.”
-My sweet husband after hearing the latest critique of the window curtain panels that will be returned to the store.
These didn’t work: ikea curtains
Neither did these: blue curtains
What was I thinking? floral curtains
Not going to add this chocolate: chocolate
Start the Regatta without me: striped

We have beautiful  walls and ceiling (Camelback and Believable Buff, both Sherwin Williams), the furniture isn’t going anywhere, the fireplace is no longer a monstrosity, and the new rug is a keeper. The book cabinets might get a facelift and I just might, gasp, steer away from red white and blue as a color scheme. Stay tuned folks! I have enough decorating adventures to blog about for months. If I had known it would take this long…