Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kitchen Kapers: Before

This might be the blog-equivalent of really letting my hair down, but I’m all about truth and honesty. (Ok, I highlight. So there.)
Some of you know that we are in the midst of a huge kitchen project. Well maybe “midst” is too strong a word, because last week we found out that our kitchen cabinets were not “in-production”, rather they were “not in production.” What a difference a hyphen makes!
I’ve been warned to expect these little glitches and that’s ok. When our company comes in 6 days, we’ll have a spot to cook and eat that is not torn up.
Why on earth are we undertaking this little face-lift? (Ok, humor me willya? A new canister set is Botox. We’re somewhere between that and Phyllis Diller territory.) As you can see from the pics below we have a serious shortage of space. (I also have a serious “I can’t keep stuff off my fridge door” issue, but I come by it genetically. Hi Mom.) We also have an oven that has broken for the 3rd time, a fridge that will not hold more than a bottle of tabasco and a quart of half-n-half, and a pantry that was made for a bachelor who lives on Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and Cheerios. Nothing else fits!
You want more reasons? I’ll give you reasons! Two words: Golden Oak. Yes my friends, this kitchen is about to come out of the 80’s for good. I missed much of the worst of the 80s because I was busy changing diapers. Well, all 5 kids are potty-trained; 2 have graduated college and have babies of their own. The 3 still at home love to cook and we are out of room!
So what’s in the works for our little cook-nook? New cabinets, granite countertops, new appliances, reconfiguring the layout, taking out the closet pantry and replacing with a built-in, changing the windows, and turning what was our formal living room into a formal dining room.
Stay tuned!