Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hook ‘Em Horns

kevin at game You’ve all seen the bumper sticker right? “My Money & My (Son/Daughter) Go to The University of Texas” Although the burnt orange blood skipped my generation, my mom is thrilled to see her grandson carrying on the family tradition. Since I’m a native Texan without an official college affiliation (long story), I’m having fun being a fan.
“Big State U” is a new experience for our family, so far having only experience with kids in Christian liberal arts universities. Kevin has more kids in his dorm than our older 2 had on their entire campus!
I’m happy to report that he is settling in well, keeping his room neat, and studying in the library. He has joined the student organization associated with our church (Reformed University Fellowship or “RUF”) and is going to church. What more could a mom ask for?
Yesterday we paid a visit and got the whole "Horns House” experience in the gym when the women’s volleyball team beat Baylor. I’m not sure when we’ll make a football game, but this game had cheerleaders, the band, and a whole lot of student rowdies! Kevin even gave up his seat in the SOB section (that’s Student Orange Bloods) to sit with the family.
School’s off to a great start, we’re in the midst of volleyball season, and Kristin is about to become our newest driver. That’s what the M’s are up to these days!