Friday, April 30, 2010

In My Own Little Corner In My Own Little Chair

my chair …I can be whatever I want to be! That tune, from the musical Cinderella, has always been a favorite. Sometimes when life gets a little crazy it’s nice to have a place to run away to, even if it’s right upstairs.
Emmeline, turning 1 in just a few days, has had her world turned upside down because Katie and Josh are moving to a bigger apartment. They know that the end result will be wonderful, but all Emmie knows is that it looks like they are stealing her stuff and waking her up in strange surroundings. The day that Katie forgot the Blankie meant many tears for poor baby girl!
Our kitchen remodel is more than halfway finished. I’m still smiling in spite of the fact that we uncovered termite damage that needed fixing, the leaky upstairs toilet sprang a leak onto the kitchen ceiling and now the floor and tile need fixing up there, and my husband’s truck needed an expensive repair. It’s been the kind of week where I want my own blankie!
Guess what? Mom reminded me that I have two of them. She’s right (moms are like that aren’t they?) When I had surgery a few years ago her church made me a prayer quilt. It’s cheery yellow color reminds me that God is faithful and prayers were answered. Then there is the lovely afghan that Mom knitted for me. I know the hours of love and talent poured into that gift and using it feels like getting a hug from far away.
Emmeline, your mommy and daddy love you. Even when your world is turned upside down, they see the bigger picture. For those of you reading this who might also be a little discombobulated, I pray that whatever your “blankie” might be, that it serves as a reminder of the real people who love you, the ones the Lord has blessed you with. He sees the big picture, even when we don’t.