Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Katie's getting closer!

A contraction here, one there, soon baby will be making her appearance. Meanwhile Katie's learning some of the other "facts of life" (if you've ever had a child, go read her new blog post. She's a fast learner!) Be sure to read the comments as well. Some precious wisdom from those who have been down that road.
Here's a poem that reminded me of Katie and Josh. Garrison Keillor's book is titled Good Poems. I couldn't agree more.

At Twenty-Three Weeks she Can No Longer See Anything South of Her Belly
Thom Ward

I'm painting my wife's toes
in Revlon Super Color Forty Nine.

I've no idea what I'm doing.
She asked me to get the bottle,

then crashed on our bed,
muscle-sore, pelvis-aching.

Lifting the brush, I skim
the excess polish across the glass,

daub a smidgen on her nail,
push it out in streaks

over the perfect surface
to the cuticle's edge.

I'm painting my wife's toes.
I've no idea what I'm doing.

The smell of fresh enamel
intoxicates. Each nail I glaze

is a tulip, a lobster,
a scarlet room where women

sit and talk, their sleek
tinctured fingers sparking the air.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Verb-al, Verbal, V-ball

Just a little glimpse into my week...
Hit the ground running on Monday with a full day of classes. I came home exhausted. Barely sat down and then Kevin called because he had locked his keys in his van. Back out, into the rain now, rescued him, and by the time I got back to my neck of the woods the streets were flooded. Circled and circled until Steve got home and gave me the best route to follow. Whew. Sat in front of the computer Monday night trying to get caught up for Tuesday and then just gave up. Well guess what? Our weather was so awful on Tuesday that classes were cancelled!

By Wednesday the water was down, papers were graded, and things were looking up! Well except for that swine flu thing. The news was getting a little scarier. Thursday night we had our Open House in Katy where we PREP teachers met new parents and had a chance to explain in person just what we do. No rest for the weary. On Thursday night the emails started about the flu. (Mom, you had your chance to manage disasters. You did a great job. I don't want to follow in your footsteps. Really!) Managed to meet with the rest of the coordinators and put together a statement. On Friday, it was time to shop and bake. I thought, hahaha ha ha ha HA, that I'd pick up some hand sanitizer to bring to class with me. Folks that stuff is as scarce as bottled water and propane during hurricane season. Came home and baked the first half of the 250 mini chocolate almond tartlets for the church dedication service on Sunday.

Today - what day is it? Oh yes, volleyball! Although some schools are closed and some clubs dropped out, the tournament went on as scheduled. Well, there were a few modifications. The scoring tables all featured Purell and Clorox Wipes. The teams didn't shake hands pre- and post-game as usual, instead they waved at each other across the court. (It did look pretty cute!)
Kelsey's team didn't have a stellar day, but they kept up their spirits. Speaking of up, it's 1:30 AM and I still am...

The last of the tartlets are cooling and I'm heading to bed. Night all!

(PS...I posted on facebook earlier that my day was full of "baking verbs: cutting, folding, grinding, rolling, pulsing, tamping, and filling." Kevin's comment? "Mom, this sounds like you're a drug dealer." Pssttt....how 'bout a bottle of Purell?)