Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Month of Chocolate: All Wrapped Up

M&Ms Oh wait. Anything having to do with chocolate should definitely be “unwrapped” don’t you agree? I almost made my goal of posting a new chocolate recipe every day. Don’t worry –I haven’t run out.

Know what kind of candy this is? I’m fond of telling my students that I have my very own label: Mrs. Mathis’s  candy. This past week, however, I learned a new label for these yummy morsels. Ready? Just turn them over and you can see that they are made for Wonderful Women! 

I had the privilege of sharing a few days last week with some of my fellow women’s ministry leaders in Atlanta (PCA Women in the Church). We had an incredible time of learning about the importance of gospel-driven discipleship. This is the kind of richness that can definitely be tasted (but not quite in the same way as chocolate!).

Do you have some wonderful women in your life? Why not let them know!