Saturday, December 13, 2008

This and That...

The background is new thanks to Nikki. I first heard about her "Blogs for a Cause" from my friend Ellen (Howell Quints, see link below). Figured that if I'm going to write my little heart out, I might as well enjoy the look of this thing. It's a bargain and if you're a blogger, I can't recommend her highly enough!

My other site,, is still active but I plan to use it more for communicating with my students and their parents. Posts over there will relate more to reading, writing, homeschooling, PREP, and the books we are studying.

Posts here, on the other hand, will probably include everything from recipes (this is me we're talking about!) to observations on exterior Christmas decorations. (Please don't make Santa twice the size of the manger scene. Thank you.) I'm really much too sweet to be curmudgeonly, but gosh darn it, if I want to decorate my little corner of the web with raspberries and hearts, well....oh wait. I did that already!

Welcome, welcome!


Anonymous said...

My darling daughter, you did a wonderful job of chronicling our marvelous (yes, I was in Heaven) Thanksgiving 2008 through pictures and words. I love your new site. Who wouldn't with chocolate as a theme..... ummmmmm wonder if this theme was "hatched" in Hershey, PA? I shall be very happy, and proud to share your new site with ALL my friends, and even strangers who are only friends we haven't met yet. I have to say I have been missing your writing and your touch to brighten my day. Call it "my generation" or whatever, but Facebook just doesn't do it for me. Can't wait for the Christmas editions.. Love, Mom

Patti said...

Hey, Renee, do you have a recipe you like for coconut balls (the kind you dip in chocolate)? I've had two in the past and one was pastier with more powdered sugar and the other was more coconutty and maybe had more sweetened condensed milk in it.

I bought an "organic" turkey so that I may brine for Christmas.

Dear Renee's Mom,
It's very sweet of you to support Renee in this way. I feel the same way about Facebook, but it's nice to keep up with a lot of little things that might not otherwise be known about childrens' lives. I tend to write the longest posts on Facebook.