Friday, February 20, 2009

I have a goal!

Because all goals should be attainable, I'll start with something doable. I'm going to post something every day for the next month. It may not be profound or witty or consciousness raising, but it will keep me writing!

A friend from church is posting a picture of himself every day for the next year. I'm not into that kind of self-disclosure by a long shot. If my soul is to be bared, it shall be via the written word.

Here's what I've been up to:
Scheduling the next year's classes for PREP. Talking to teachers, both current and potential, and admiring the Herculean effort that goes into putting which class where, at what time, and without conflict with the other classes it needs to feed into.

Praying for not one, but TWO pregnant mommies-to-be. Katie is due in May and Jaimee in September. It's a double-grammy-whammy!

Keeping my shoes away from Radley. He doesn't chew, he carries. My current solution - put them up higher - is not as effective as just putting them away. And that's why our bookshelves are full of random shoes.

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EuroMom said...

OK, so Twitter is a text on your phone? I don't have a text plan....that could get expensive.

Who is posting a photo every day? thinking...can't figure it out.

Congrats on the double-grand whammy. Way fun. What are you and Steve going to be called?

Can't wait to see all your posts. I like an attainable goal!

Renee said...

Euro - that would be Semper Fi JW.

Steve and I are going to be Grandmommy and Granddaddy.

EuroMom said...

Well, who knew he had a blog? fun. Yeah, I can't imagine posting a photo of myself every day. That would be scary! LOL

Anonymous said...

Multi-tasker that you are, you seem to manage your goals. As your mom, I'll certainly be looking forward to your "daily posts." "Mawmaw and Pawpaw" are anxious to join "Grandmommy and Granddaddy" with these two wonderful additions to the family.

I'm happy to see that Radley is able to accomplish what I never seemed to be able to do.... get you to pick up your shoes. lol

Love, Mom

southerninspiration said...

OK, I'll hold you accountable to those everyday posts!!! I am a follower, you know....and who knew about JW???? I'll have to see that!
See you later.