Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have a new title

apron Today was a busy one here at the CIRCE apprenticeship retreat. All this learning, talking, planning, contemplating, and discovering can really wear one out (not to mention exhausting one’s supply of verbs!) My roommate Cindy Rollins and I are positively giddy over the fact that our presentations are DONE! She did an incredible job presenting metaphors to us this afternoon. Keats, Churchill, Wordsworth, Shakespeare…when she says words are a playground (hey! There’s a metaphor now!) she is not kidding. My lesson on comparisons was more or less a success. (Ha. Ha. Ha.) Actually, it went very well considering I was presenting two lessons at once. Jeremy, one of our first year apprentices, said I was the “perfect hostess of learning.” Wow. Can I wear an apron with that? Actually, that description describes exactly what I’m hoping to accomplish. I want to help you feel at home with new ideas and encourage you to try something you might have previously thought was “icky.” May I show you to your seat?


Anonymous said...

I think you were born wearing an apron--your calling of hospitality--and speaking in metaphors, as well as Urdu.

Love, Mom

CoolCat said...

I was thinking about where you said you were trained so you could write about food, and I thought of something:
You should write a cookbook! And it should be called "What Is... Cooking a la Jeopardy!"
Kelsey could add cake recipes.
~Jamie W.

southerninspiration said...

the Hostess of Learning...I like that!!!Did Kelsey see the Bakearella blog today???
hope to see you soon.


Dominion Family said...

You are forever tagged The Hostess of Learning!! And I loved learning from you. Your Trace Atkins pics were pretty cool, too.

Renee said...

You all are so sweet! Jamie, if I ever write a cookbook, I want some tea recipes from you. Cindy, I think Classical Education needs a little more country music, don't you? Suzanne, I get to see you twice on Friday! Mom, you are the inspirational hostess. Lesson one: Always have plenty of folding chairs.

Cassandra Frear said...

Looking at your blog makes me think that a cookbook might be a great project for you.

Have you seen the new movie Julie and Julia? I think you might enjoy it.