Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ten for Tuesday: Why I’m Glad I Live in Texas

01209 ornament
10. Our snowfall lasted less than an hour and looked beautiful. That’s enough for me.
9. Neighbors don’t shovel your driveway, but they do share their generator during a hurricane.
8. I can look out my window and see these same neighbors boiling the head of a deer in their driveway…
7. …because their sweet little freckle-faced daughter shot her first buck!
6. And she’s a cheerleader. This is Texas and we know how to cheer. And shoot.
5. Our state capitol is so beautiful that we have an ornament from the same on our tree.
4. I can  go Christmas shopping without hauling around a winter coat.
3. Best homeschooling laws in the country.
2. Every person in our immediate family has a town with their name in it. Stephenville, Alice, Kyle, Katy, Cooper, Joy, and Kelsey. Oh, and don’t forget Mathis, Texas (pop. 5295)
1. George Strait’s “When It’s Christmas Time in Texas” (Sorry you other 49!)


Anonymous said...

Give a big "whoopee" for the great state of TEXAS, and our great families who live there.

Love, Mom

southerninspiration said...

having hopped between TX and LA for years, I can safely say I"d choose TX anyday. All the good of LA is easily imported to TX and life is just good here. Love your reasons, although no one in our neighborhood is boiling deer heads today.


Teacherperson said...

Okay, I'm not a Texas girl, but my hubby is a Texas boy. So, I like your list very well.

Renee said...

I would also add "Christmas Dinner and Decorations at The Taste of Texas." Mary, if you ever pay a visit to Houston, put this on your list!