Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kitchen Kapers: Before

This might be the blog-equivalent of really letting my hair down, but I’m all about truth and honesty. (Ok, I highlight. So there.)
Some of you know that we are in the midst of a huge kitchen project. Well maybe “midst” is too strong a word, because last week we found out that our kitchen cabinets were not “in-production”, rather they were “not in production.” What a difference a hyphen makes!
I’ve been warned to expect these little glitches and that’s ok. When our company comes in 6 days, we’ll have a spot to cook and eat that is not torn up.
Why on earth are we undertaking this little face-lift? (Ok, humor me willya? A new canister set is Botox. We’re somewhere between that and Phyllis Diller territory.) As you can see from the pics below we have a serious shortage of space. (I also have a serious “I can’t keep stuff off my fridge door” issue, but I come by it genetically. Hi Mom.) We also have an oven that has broken for the 3rd time, a fridge that will not hold more than a bottle of tabasco and a quart of half-n-half, and a pantry that was made for a bachelor who lives on Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and Cheerios. Nothing else fits!
You want more reasons? I’ll give you reasons! Two words: Golden Oak. Yes my friends, this kitchen is about to come out of the 80’s for good. I missed much of the worst of the 80s because I was busy changing diapers. Well, all 5 kids are potty-trained; 2 have graduated college and have babies of their own. The 3 still at home love to cook and we are out of room!
So what’s in the works for our little cook-nook? New cabinets, granite countertops, new appliances, reconfiguring the layout, taking out the closet pantry and replacing with a built-in, changing the windows, and turning what was our formal living room into a formal dining room.
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You go girl! It'll be worth it in the end. Kind of like shoulder surgery--take one day at a time and measure small steps of progress.

And may the "hyphens" happen in the right places. Love you, Mom

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have the same oak cabinets from the 80's. Unfortunately, I can't afford to remodel my kitchen now, so I am stuck with mine. At least you are in the process of getting a new kitchen. YEA! Hang in there, it will be totally worth it when the work is all done. Love & blessings from NC!

southerninspiration said...

Seriously you highlight?????? LOL....
and it will definitely be worth it to do this makeover.....I'll be willing to help if you need it. Hey, should we have a demolition party????? :D


Sherry said...

Hey, Renee, I enjoyed taking a look at your blog. I'm definitely going to try some of your chocolate recipes, and maybe even the decluttering tips for January.

I'm taking a blog break right now for Lent, but I'd like to invite you to contribute your list of favorite poems to my project for April and following.

Read about it here.

Hinterlands said...

I cannot wait to see the changes.

Having been in your kitchen it has always amazed me how you get it all done and also how many people you could 'squeeze' in to help. LOL!
What an adventure you are embarking on!


Diana said...

I just love "befores" and "afters." Can't wait to see them.

Anonymous said...

Coming from one that's had a few homes with the Oak, I hear ya and can't wait to see your facelift.

I just love your sense of humor!!

Barbara said...

Renee, I am a fellow Texan blogger with a list, which I will add your name to..................please come and visit and follow me also.


Christine said...

I have the most amazing chocolate truffle cake that you would love that I will send to you as soon as I can get my act together here.....your blog title really couldn't be any better as far as I am concerned...I love Chocolate too! Can't wait to see the new kitchen!