Monday, June 14, 2010

Decorating Dilemmas: It’s Curtains

“We don’t have a panel of judges, we have judges of panels.”
-My sweet husband after hearing the latest critique of the window curtain panels that will be returned to the store.
These didn’t work: ikea curtains
Neither did these: blue curtains
What was I thinking? floral curtains
Not going to add this chocolate: chocolate
Start the Regatta without me: striped

We have beautiful  walls and ceiling (Camelback and Believable Buff, both Sherwin Williams), the furniture isn’t going anywhere, the fireplace is no longer a monstrosity, and the new rug is a keeper. The book cabinets might get a facelift and I just might, gasp, steer away from red white and blue as a color scheme. Stay tuned folks! I have enough decorating adventures to blog about for months. If I had known it would take this long…

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Anonymous said...

Renee, can't see the window so don't know what to suggest. I know you'll find something just perfect.