Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trip Report #3: Flour Power

We didn’t plan this, but somehow we managed to fit in some wild “flours” at almost every stop.
1. The Creekhaven Inn in Wimberley is situated on Mill Race Ln. Know what a “mill race” is? It’s a specially dug trench for allowing water to flow downhill, enough to power the mill wheel. This particular one is a state historical landmark dating back to the early 1850’s when the town was named Winter’s Mill. Beautiful spot for walking and exploring. Plenty of deer to keep you company!
2. In San Antonio we visited the historic Guenther House, owned by the founders of Pioneer Flour Mills. The tour is free, there’s a cute little gift shop, and there’s even a restaurant if you’ve worked up an appetite. While you’re there, be sure to take a drive around the historic King William neighborhood, if you’re hooked on houses that is.
3. Mission San Jose in San Antonio contains a replica of a working grist mill. More wheels, more water, more wheat. Fascinating history lesson!
4. Guess where we ate lunch one day? The Gristmill in Gruene!gristmill
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