Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome Back!

Dear Absent Blog Author,
Our files show it has been well over a year since you posted anything in this space. July, 2012, to be exact was the last dated post of record. We are sure that your life has been interesting, exciting, and fulfilling, however the chocolate supply is pitifully low and woefully lacking. Please consider making 2014 a year to remedy this situation. Recipes, family updates, pictures of adorable grandchildren, and musings about nothing in particular are perfectly welcome. Whether anyone actually reads the posts is irrelevant. We assure you that you will enjoy writing and re-reading them and that is all that matters.
The Management

Dear Management,
Why thank you for the invitation. I think it's about time I resurrected this little blog. I've missed it! I miss looking over past entries and enjoying the days all over again. I miss reliving the snippets of conversations that I recorded. I miss seeing what I was thinking about last week and last month and last year. Twitter isn't interactive enough while Facebook is a little too interactive (in its own hyperactive bursts.)  Sometimes I just want a little more time to think about what I would like to say and I'd like to say it in more than 140 characters thankyouverymuch.
Yours very truly,

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