Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wonderful Workspace

Some blogs I read post a "workspace of the week." Why not me? The short answer is because, until yesterday, my desk would only have won the "How on Earth Does Anyone Get Anything Done Here?" award. No more! Yesterday I busied myself at the task of creating peace and harmony on my desktop. The real one, not the computer version.

Positive changes: I cleared out the drawer on my left to serve as my "in box." I moved my laptop over to the right in order to hide all the power cords and also to free up the center space to be able to work at the desk itself. My Desk-Top Ten:
* Art for the Day Calendar
*Purple Post-it-note Pop-ups
*Picture of Alex and me
*Crystal box, gift from Troop 320, when I retired as Committee Chair
*Mini snow globe of New York City, memento of last summer's vacation
*Willowtree figurine of girl holding a book, gift from a student
*Candle in jar, surrounded by seashells and glass, gift from a student after her beach trip
*Bible verse of the day calendar, gift from Mom
*Huge paper calendar. Most of my life is organized online, but sometimes I just need to look on the wall for a date.
*Stapler. When my desk is clean, I can find it!


EuroMom said...

Purple Post-it I like Post-it notes, as you know.

Is Steve jealous of your picture with Alex?

Is the figurine the Jane Austen one? How fun!

I like mementos from vacations. I have a few myself around the house...especially little Eiffel Towers.

Staplers are good. Do you have paper clips handy too?

southerninspiration said...

Maybe you should come help out a friend! I need to do that. Maybe you need a little shelf above your desk for your treasures!


Patti said...

Well, I have to say that even with your desk cleared off it's pretty small. I'm not sure I could live with that. I'd take a picture of my desk, but I think I'd be embarrassed about the four monitors and microfilm reader. It's a wonderfully useful space albeit in a small room, and useful is good for working.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you took a picture because I have a feeling it is like a clean house. Take a picture, sit back and enjoy it for 10 minutes, because it won't last. Love, Mom

PS Maybe you can inspire your dad......