Friday, March 20, 2009

Pretty in Pink

We've been having a great time this week with Katie and Josh here. Just last night our little "mommy to be" was a vision of confectionary loveliness, sitting on the couch, knitting away on Emmie's pink blanket.

Other spring break highlights - Many midnight wii tournaments. I hear lots of laughter downstairs until the wii hours (Groan! You knew I'd fit that in there didn't you?)
-Many yummy meals! Recipes coming soon.
-Meals out: We've hit everything from upscale (Hubbell and Hudson bistro up in the Woodlands) to downhome (new Rudy's BBQ on 290. Buy the sauce.)
-Scenic drives - what is spring in Texas without bluebonnets?
-Shopping - outlet mall, Katy Mills, and for the guys...comic book stores.

Up next is the baby shower with the Mulberrian bunch. Watch for pictures of Kelsey's newest cakestravaganza.


Teacherperson said...

Expecting? How did I miss that news? Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone will need another vacation to rest up from this vacation's schedule. Miss y'all.

Love Mom

LuvBritLit said...

Have you heard this wii pun? Older folks who are playing with the wii have new aches and pains: they're called wii-knees. ;-)