Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

I know it's freezing outside, but...

Spring break is here!

Spring volleyball tournament is here! At the George R. Brown this weekend. Watch Twitter feed to see the updates on the Cross Court Classic. Go Kelsey!

Springing up to the airport to get Katie and Josh this afternoon.

Spring spruce up: Bringing the living room out of its winter doldrums, thanks to help and inspiration from Suzanne. Watch for updates here! (Yes the tag is still on the pillow. Feel free to weigh in....notice the new rug too!)



southerninspiration said...

Yea, looks great. Now sitting on that large coffee table book, that's where you put your POP bowl of color!!!! Looks very nice, and I know your week will be delightful!

Enjoyed spending the day with you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Now if you, or you and Suzanne, would come give me a visit and give me a spring spruce. She could visit Mom-in-Law AND spruce me up. lol

The flooded yard, rain, and no sunshine doesn't look very "springy" here. Love,Mom

EuroMom said...

I am with Chocolate's Mom...I could use a little sprucing up over here. I can put on the tea kettle or coffee pot.

Teacherperson said...

Daffodils sprouted here! WHOOOO!