Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I don't remember ever getting this writing assignment in school, but why wait for September to roll around?

On our recent trip to Nashville we managed to fit in LOTS of cuddle time with Emmeline.

We went to the Pancake Pantry for breakfast and The Loveless Cafe for lunch. This is me and Carol Fay, aka "The Biscuit Lady." Mine are pretty good but they are no match for hers!

Steve and I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, where I took a picture of Trace Adkins' suit. Yes I did.

Did I mention Emmeline? We played "put the baby in the basket and see if you can find her". Can you?

Emmeline didn't just spring up from nowhere; a mention of her parents is in order don't you think? Here's Mommy with her sleeping angel and Daddy with his little music maker.

We visited beautiful downtown Franklin and ate cupcakes at The Curious Gourmet. Have you ever seen that much buttercream on one cupcake? Oh my!

Oh yes, the baby. Cupcakes aren't nearly as sweet as little baby arms, chubby baby thighs, fuzzy baby heads, and pudgy baby tummies. Even when they are fast asleep.


southerninspiration said...

good food and baby loving...what more could a grandma want???? Oh, of course the parents of the baby...I'm sure you visited with them, too, RIGHT???? :)


MagistraCarminum said...

She's just precious!

Renee said...

Whoops! Thanks Suzanne. Edited to fix that little oversight.

Anita said...

Beautiful...Grandbabes are the bomb!!

Teacherperson said...

I am going to enjoy being a grandma when the time comes. I'm vicariously enjoying yours!

Susie Q said...

Don't forget baby toes!