Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Don’t Even Have to Try!

Today was my first day back at The Homeschool Store, my part-time summer job where I get the chance to help homeschoolers choose curriculum and find treasures back in the used book room. The owner’s mom, going strong at (I shouldn’t give away her age) still comes in to do the books for the store. Of course I had to share the news of Emmie and show her a picture or two. Being brand new at this grandmother stuff, I love talking (ok “gushing”) with those sweet women who have gone before me in this area. “Ethel,” I said “I couldn’t believe how much I loved this little baby girl the first time I saw her.”
“Oh, I know!” she replied. “You don’t even have to try.”
I am trying to do one thing and that’s play with my new blogging software. Mind if I put up another picture or 2? Or 3?



southerninspiration said...

so the new software is Blogger Writer Live? I've used it once and liked it, but haven't put it on my laptop yet..
Regardless of the software, that Emmie is adorable!!


Anonymous said...

Great grandmas don't mind a And she's so comfy looking on that "lush" blanket...Just want to pinch her with a big hug. Love Mom

Katie Krebs said...

We finally figured out the secret to getting her to sleep in her bassinett--we wrapped that blanket around the mattress. Now her bed is soft enough for her taste.

Renee said...

Suzanne, yes it's called Windows Live Writer. I was so frustrated at trying to insert pics and getting them to stay put, but this seems to do the trick.

Teacherperson said...

Put up ten dozen. We won't mind!