Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, New Start: Day 18


Best face forward! Oops…not if your makeup is enough to send Mary Kay peeling off in her pink cadillac! The glittery aqua eye-shadow? Let me be the first to say…Old makeup isn’t just a hazard to your beautiful style, it can be a health hazard as well. Makeup has a shelf life and if yours is past its prime, throw it away.

(Congrats! We’re more than halfway through the month and if you’ve made it this far you have a more simplified, more uncluttered existence. Wow!)

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Beverly said...

Even though, I haven't comment about it everyday, I have been following along and have completed almost all of your task. Got inspiration to purge. Usually I do get into it and clean the whole drawer or cabinet while I'm there.
Today, I confess to having blue eye shadow and throwing it away. I loved my blue eye shadow.