Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Everyone!

As soon as EuroMom sends me a copy, I'll update this with a picture. For now, mere words will have to do.

We had a super turnout tonight for our Sunday evening service and potluck. Fred's preaching is always great (Ahasuerus - BOO HISS, Esther - YAY) and sometimes we also eat dinner together.
Tonight's theme was one that could be repeated by any number of groups. Hear that loyal readers? You too can do this. It's fun and it's simple to do. No one person has to overextend themselves.

Why not host a Big Group Birthday Party? Instead of having everyone bring desserts, we ordered a huge sheet cake from Sam's: "Happy Birthday Christ Church Family". Everyone pitched in as usual with casseroles and sides and we had plenty of food. During dinner, everyone sat at the their birthday month's table. The fellowship committee shared the task and decorated 12 round tables, one for each month of the year. I had June (wedding) and August (beach.) EuroMom gussied up July with red white and blue and added her collection of Eiffel Tower figurines. (We are not surprised are we? Can you name the holiday?)
October was represented by Martin Luther. The 31st is Reformation Day and we are Presbyterians after all. September was marked by an homage to different kinds of seasons: sports and hunting! The "forced" seating ensured that we all had a chance to visit with new friends; a success!


MagistraCarminum said...

What a great idea! Tucking this away for future use!

Cindy Marsch said...

Brilliant. And Bastille Day!

Beth in Texas said...

And, of course, Bastille Day is EuroMom's birthday, so it's her way of really, really, focusing on that day!. LOL

EuroMom said...

I will try to get the photos soon. It was a very fun night!

The Roberts said...

Terri Smith sent me the link to your blog. I have met you a couple of times - I'm her Oklahoma friend.

I love this idea. I'm going to pass it on to our Women's Ministry committee. And I completely understand, as a fellow PCA, why October had to be the Martin Luther table. :) Kim

Renee said...

Hi Kim,
I do remember meeting you! Let me know how your version of the party works out. :-)