Sunday, March 1, 2009

Having a (volley)Ball!

It might technically be Sunday, but I'm still awake! We left the house at 12:45 this afternoon and returned 12 hours later. We lugged our chairs, water bottles, contraband granola bars (shh) and claimed our little corner of the gym. The Copperfield Juniors got off to a rocky start, but finally hit their stride during the last two matches. They walked away with first place in the Silver Bracket of the AVA Tournament! Of course I'm a little bit proud. (Stay humble Kelsey. You are not getting a yard sign or a spot on my back windshield. Love, Mom.)


Cindy Marsch said...

Hoo-ray! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yea! No one, or not many people, would see a yard sign out in the country where we live. But here's "my sign"--eat your heart out Bill Engvall--

"I'm Kelsey's Mawmaw!"

Love Mawmaw

southerninspiration said...

What??? NO sign or bumper sticker??? At least write it on a mirror or something!!! :)


Teacherperson said...

But she can have a spot on the blog! Hoo rah!

Christine said...

I have lived in the Volleyball world for a long time now...just when I thought I could put my chair in storage she got a scholarship and is now playing for a college! The fun never really ends! Congrats on the win! =O)