Monday, March 9, 2009

Watch What You Say in Church

Our church is getting closer and closer to move-in day. That's right- after 9 years of being "homeless", we are going to have our own building! Our pastor has been meeting with every single committee we have (and then some) in order to foresee and forestall every possible glitch. I think it might be getting to him. This was his comment about the new policy to not offer snacks in between services: "Just do what I do and put a granola bar in my wife's purse."

Um...I think Deb is going to need a bigger purse!


southerninspiration said...

She may need a back on wheels...she's not big enough to carry too large a purse!!!


Teacherperson said...

Snacks? Wow. We don't have such luxury. Then again, our "kitchen" is a fridge and an aged microwave in the room with the copier. We also have Sunday school in there.

southerninspiration said...

Renee, for spring additions, try white/cream to your standard red and blue. It will look terrific! Bunnies are to be had in those colors as well as anything you like in a basket.....and off white spray paint will work wonders on anything!!!


EuroMom said...

Well, Teacher Person, in the life of the church, almost 10 years, we HAVE ALWAYS had snacks between worship and Sunday School.

Just so you know, my husband was NOT at that session meeting when this was voted on. LOL Otherwise, it would not have been unanimous, I am pretty sure!